My best friend was my doctor for one day

I met Katy thirteen years ago, we know each other so well that even over the phone we can tell when the other one is sad, anxious or just did something wrong.  We met in high school and at first, I thought Katy was a spoilt girl who expected everyone to do what she said and nothing more. With time I started to know her and she was indeed everything but spoilt, the reason why she behaved like that around people was to show everyone who was in charge, but deep inside she is a sweet and sensitive girl who loves animals.  She was born in Africa and moved to New York when she was 18, she keeps saying that stop lights and big building are visual contamination and that she rather have a big desert with one story houses. I keep telling her that until she is not economically independent she will have to keep living in peace with the stoplights and big towers.

On the other hand, I am a New Yorker, I love the city lights, the noise and the crowded streets on rush hour. I guess that is why Katy and I are best friends, we complement each other. Katy works as a nurse in a Hospital nowadays, she is very good at her job but unfortunately, she couldn’t afford medical school. She will be a doctor one day I am sure, as for me, I work as an editor for a column in the New York times, I sleep 3 hours in average per night and eat take away food almost every day. What can I say news never sleep, anyhow, I was very overworked and I still had the worst weeks ahead of me.

One morning I woke up, call in sick and the next day handed in a fake doctors note which I downloaded from the internet, because I am an editor I knew how to make it look so real that no one would ever suspect, plus my medical history at work states that I suffer from migraine even though I haven’t had an episode in years. I knew the secretary of human resources called the doctor who signed the note to verify its validity, early that morning I called Katy and told her about the excuse, her only reaction was: yes! That means we can meet for lunch today. So in the end, I took two days off from work and build up for the weeks coming.

For a perfect sample, try getting your doctor’s notes at where there’s an option to compare it to other notes that are also sold online. This way you can have a full review before getting one for yourself. It is important to do this if you want to avoid getting caught of faking your health condition just to earn your vacation or have a paid sick leave.